About AB B.O. Park

Organisational policy

AB B.O. Park constructs, develops and manufactures automation equipment for pumps, motors and processes. We aim to responsibly meet the demands, expectations and needs of our clients.

This does not only mean that our ambition is to deliver products and services, on time, to the right price, in the right quantity and with high quality. We also seek to be mindful of future generations, working to minimize our environmental impact in a long-term perspective. 

To us, our employees and suppliers are the key resources that grant maximum client benefit. Democratic values lie at the core of our workplace, and everyone is to be treated equal. 

Our workplace is to be characterized by transparency, common goals and collective responsibility for environmental concern, quality and work environment. Through a continuous process, we work each day to improve our organization. We wish to prevent illnesses, accidents and pollution. 

The legislation and requirements of society, as well as our own regulations, are always to be enacted. All delivered products are to be executed in a way that serves to market the company positively. Through close cooperation and communication with our clients and suppliers, we strive for mutual profitability and long-term relationships. 

Leif Thalberg