How we work

Our machinery

AB B.O. Park customizes each control panel according to the client’s request and ensures that it meets international standards, while continuously working on the development of our own standard product line.


    Installed in November 2011, Perforex BC1007HS is a perforating machine for completely automatic processing. It executes drilling, threading and milling of panel sides, doors, metal sheets and mounting plates. All materials that are commonly used for enclosures can be processed, such as:  steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. 

    • Cabinets of sizes up to: 1600x1400x1600mm.

    • Flat pieces, for example mounting plates up to: 2400x1500mm.


    As early as 2003, this perforating machine was installed. It essentially performs the same work as the newer Perforex BC1007HS, however the space for entire cabinets is smaller.  

    • Cabinets with the maximum depth of: 400mm.

    • Flat pieces, for example mounting plates up to: 2200x1500mm.